“What has created this culture of forced uniformity? We believe that the crisis has its roots in the era of so-called Finlandisierung, or Finlandisation.”


This book is the long-awaited abridged English translation of Lumedemokratia (Quasi-Democracy, 2008), which sparked a vivid debate about the nature of Finnish society, from recent history to the present day. It condemns the economic policy pursued during the great depression of the 1990’s and Finland’s continued failure to revamp its suffocatingly rigid labour market structures. The authors, Katja Boxberg and Taneli Heikka, claim that Finland still lacks essential elements that earmark a genuine Western democracy and true market economy; for this, they argue, we have to thank the ubiquotous Finnish consensus and the disgraceful era of “Finlandisation”. This is a book for anyone wondering why Finns “eat rubbery cheese, dull plastic-wrapped bread, and meat drowned in marinade”.

Professor and historian Martti Häikiö provides a concluding commentary.

Suomen Toivo -think tank
In Cooperation with Centre for European Studies
Katja Boxberg • Taneli Heikka

English translation by Timo Kivistö, M.A.

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